Translators for SEO, apps, websites and creative marketing texts in over 50 languages

The translators recruited by WeSwitch Languages create professional translations for your apps and websites. On request, you can benefit from multilingual keyword analyses and search engine optimised translations for your target markets. Our expert knowledge of transcreation (creative marketing translation) holds the key to making your international marketing a success. Besides their outstanding linguistic skills, the highly qualified translators selected by WeSwitch Languages are excellent at translating cultures and are also well placed to help you with website, app and software localisation.

Translators for technical and certified translations

Work with us and you’ll have access to a broad network of proficient native speakerswho, from their various home countries around the world, will help you to convey your message effectively in a foreign language. The translators working for WeSwitch Languages have a wide range of specialisations and technical expertise. Our services also include certified translations.

Our mission

Our translators and interpreters come from a wide range of cultural and specialist backgrounds, and translate your content creatively and with a keen eye for detail and style. Our international team has the expertise, intuition and finesse required to adapt even the most challenging texts to your target market

Our translators’ areas of specialisation

Your specialist field is in safe hands. From Stuttgart, we select the most qualified translator for your specific line of work. Our translators accompany you on your journey and ensure utmost quality and consistency every step of the way. We grow with you! Our straightforward, reliable partnership will also benefit you financially. 

What’s more, if you need an official translation, we can translate and certify your documents, certificates and application materials.

We are passionate about SEO

WeSwitch Languages provides an SEO consulting service and writes professional SEO texts for you. We specialise in analysing multilingual websites and creating keyword sets which address specific target audiences. We then use the results of our keyword analyses in our translations,meaning you benefit from a better global ranking

Express translation service

Do you have an urgent request? Don’t panic – we can help! 

We won’t leave you in the lurch if you suddenly find that you need a translation or proofreading task completed quickly. Thanks to our international network of flexible native speakers, some of whom live in different time zones, we can make even the impossible possible.

Our translators’ specialisations

The right specialists for your field of expertise. From specialist articles and presentations to websites and advertising copy, your brief will guide our choice of words. You set the tone and we’ll craft a text which will help you succeed across borders. We translate and proofread texts in the following specialist fields:

  • Technology (automotive industry, architecture, electrical engineering, telecommunications)

  • Lifestyle (tourism, design, art, fashion and sport, food culture, wellness, health)

  • Marketing and advertising

  • Law and business (e.g. EU regulations, EWCs)

  • Social media, websites and apps

We would also be happy to put our creativity and flair for languages to work in other fields. All you have to do is ask!

Your benefits

WeSwitch Languages offers you:

  • A personal service – so that all your requirements and preferences are taken into account. A dedicated account manager for all enquiries and questions about your translation projects.

  • Flexibility – our team of highly qualified native speakers works closely together across borders and in different time zones so that we can complete your projects promptly, including overnight.

  • Quality – two professional translators work on every single translation. We ensure that a native speaker is always involved with your projects. Our rigorous quality assurance process means that you don’t have to spend precious time correcting and adapting our work.

  • Cost savings – work with us and you’ll be investing in a comprehensive language service. We become part of your team, familiarise ourselves with your specialist field and support you as you grow. By following your brief and putting our skills to work, we save you from the tedious task of correcting and editing your completed translations. You can count on WeSwitch Languages.