Interpreters for English, German, Italian, Spanish, French – and more!

WeSwitch Languages offers interpreters for EnglishItalian and many other languages. We place immense value on professionalism, reliability and confidentiality in all languages.Our interpreters ensure that you can impress your clients and get your message across in every language. Are you looking for an interpreter in Stuttgart, Munich, Frankfurt or Switzerland? Then get in touch with us. We would be happy to find the right interpreter for you – across Germany and across borders.

Interpreters for conferences, meetings, congresses, negotiations, events, guided tours – and more!

From meetings and conferences to company visits, highly qualified interpreters are essential for ensuring your events are a success whenever they include participants from different countries. We provide you with expert support to help you plan your event. Only with professional interpreters by your side can you be sure that all participants will get the most out of your international event and go home with lasting positive impressions. 

Conference planning

From our base in Stuttgart, we would be happy to advise you on interpreting and conference technology, to put together an interpreting team for you and to organise the appropriate equipment. We prepare and familiarise ourselves with your specialist fields thoroughly and always provide an excellent and professional service. Simultaneously or consecutively, with or without interpreting equipment. The interpreters provided by WeSwitch Languages are the ace up your sleeve.

Whispering interpreting

During whispering interpreting, the interpreter stands behind or next to the listener and whispers the translation into their ear simultaneously. Whispering interpreting (also known as chuchotage) is particularly suitable for short events with one or two foreign-language listeners.

Simultaneous interpreting

During simultaneous interpreting, interpreters work in a soundproof booth and translate a speech in real-time (simultaneously) into another language. Simultaneous interpreting is particularly suitable for larger multilingual events, such as conferences and congresses. The greatest advantage of this type of interpreting is that there is virtually no time delay. An alternative for city and factory tours as well as other similar situations where the participants move around is simultaneous interpreting using a tour guide system.

Consecutive interpreting

During consecutive interpreting, the interpreter takes notes while the speaker is talking and then renders the speech into the desired language. Consecutive interpreting is particularly suitable for short events and special occasions, such as receptions, press conferences and company meetings.

Negotiation and liaison interpreting

During negotiation interpreting, the interpreter translates what is being said after short sections of speech and individual sentences. Negotiation interpreting is particularly suitable for business and contract negotiations. Liaison interpreting works in a very similar way and is used during business trips, site visits and when providing hospitality to guests.

Our interpreters’ specialisations

WeSwitch Languages can find the right specialist for your field of expertise. We specialise in the following areas:

  • Technology and design (e.g. automotive industry) 

  • European cooperation and integration policy

  • Trade unions and EWCs

  • Marketing and promotional events

  • Tourism and lifestyle

We would also be happy to put our creativity and flair for languages to work in other fields. All you have to do is ask!

Your benefits

WeSwitch Languages offers you:

  • A personal service – we advise and support you from Stuttgart and on site to ensure that your event is a resounding success.

  • Flexibility – our network comprises qualified, dynamic and passionate interpreters. We adapt quickly and flexibly to your needs and work in a wide variety of locations in both Germany and further afield.

  • Quality – our team is made up exclusively of highly qualified and experienced interpreters who only work in their areas of specialisation. With WeSwitch Languages, you can build a long-term relationship with our interpreters. Interpreters briefed about your company will continue working for you and accompany you as you grow.

  • Cost savings – work with us and you’ll be investing in a comprehensive language service. Our interpreters not only prepare thoroughly for interpreting assignments, but can also translate and proofread your foreign-language presentations and conference materials. This creates beneficial synergies and we pass on potential cost savings to you.